by Everything Illuminated

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Sea of sound, coordination dancing
We've got it made, illuminations advancing

From the fray I thought of you, just this feeling, just us two
But tossed and spun upon the shore, beached, bleached blanching flavored core

Creature comforts, I know a few
Holy wholly, and so do you

Crows may circle, wounded cry
Adrenaline, we are alive
But trails run beneath our sight
Feelings prove this is alright

Your presence is a present don't get caught up in the moment
Control it like you stole it and start sining incandescent
Sources sporting signals, rolling colors right behind you
Be sure to break the heaven's gates, the barriers, for the shine blue

Don't forget to breathe and show her that she really matters
Creaking down the staircase hearing all the pitter patters
Sounds scream to the witness they're the expectations lathered in past participles present, and the expectations shattered

Indecision, vanity
Close precision, powers that be

At the gates a change in tide
Motion blurring day and night
Retribution, for the few
Kings and queens that makes us two


released August 4, 2017




Everything Illuminated San Francisco, California

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